South Central Oregon 

In the heart of the South Central Oregon, High Line Ranch is nestled at the base of Bryant Mountain on the edge of Langell Valley in the middle of some of the most adventurous territory in the Pacific Northwest. 

South Central Oregon stretches from the the top of Crater Lake in the north to the California boarder in the south; the Cascade Mountain Range to the west and the High Desert to the east.

High Line Ranch is right in the middle of the circle is world class adventure - from snowshoeing on the rim of Crater Lake National Park to the birding inside the Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuge Complex - kayaking on the Gerber Reservoir to hiking the Gearheart Wilderness. 



High Line Ranch is located just minutes from the small town of Bonanza, Oregon. The town of Bonanza is home to 415 people but many more live nearby outside the city limits. Bonanza is home to an elementary school as well as a combined junior & senior high school. 

Bonanza is famously known for their annual Oregon State Chili Cook-off event held each July. The event brings in cooks from all over the United States testing their chili making skills. 



The nearest large city is Klamath Falls a quaint "small town" of 40,000 people. Klamath Falls is located 30 miles north of the California state line. Centrally located and the largest population base in four counties (Klamath, Lake, Modoc, and Siskiyou). Klamath Falls offers major shopping, employment in education-healthcare-timber-tourism, culture through a rich native american heritage, unlimited outdoor recreation and so much more.

Klamath Falls is a 5-hour drive from; Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento and Reno making it an excellent hub to those marketplaces and beyond. Commercial flights out of the Crater Lake Regional Airport make travel a breeze with short screening lines and easy flights to the Portland Airport.  Where connecting flights can take you anywhere on the globe.

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Regional Map -

Regional Map -


On the sunny side of Oregon. Half a days drive to major markets

  • San Francisco - 5 hours
  • Portland - 5 hours

Best Weather in Oregon

  • Oregon's City of Sunshine (300 days/year)
  • Refreshing climate at 4,100' elevation
  • Year-round livability